Courage to Lead (for women)


Courage to Lead is an online, embodied journey for female facilitators to step into their power. As a female facilitator, you may have questioned your right to stand up and own what you actually know you do well.

This course takes you to the heart of where that hesitancy comes from and allows you to look it in the eyes and question it. Once you’ve gone to the core of the fear, you’ll learn specific embodied tools to acknowledge it and find the strength to do it anyway.

In your weekly live webinars and peer groups, you’ll have the opportunity to share what you find with a community of like-minded women, then practice your new tools with each other.

You’ll take the first real-world steps toward bringing your gift to the people who need it and creating the life of embodied facilitation you’ve imagined.

What if people question your competence or criticise you for being so bold?

You’re not alone.



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You’ll learn…

  • Where your fear comes from both personally and culturally
  • Which skills you need to work on to grow your courage
  • How to stop “playing small”
  • Embodied exercises to find the confidence to put your knowledge and skills forward
  • How to own your desire to help and bring it into service
  • How to feel the fear and do it anyway – with real-time accountability built in

How the course works…

There will be four main parts to the course:

Pre-recorded webinars*, your real-life project, practice peer groups and personal practice.

Webinar 1
Webinar 2
Placing healthy expectations
Webinar 3
Personal shadow work
Webinar 4
Collective shadow
Webinar 5
Taking steps forward
Webinar 6
Webinar 7
Being where I want to be
Webinar 8

Bonus materials

As your journey into facilitation may involve work with both boundaries and trauma, we have included two bonus pre-recorded courses with Patricia Aguirre:

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