Live From Your Dreams, Not Your Fears


With Erika Chalkley

An hour and a half recording of this transformative webinar for women who want to overcome the fears holding them back from living their most fulfilling life.



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Erika has over a decade’s experience in female empowerment. She is dedicated to helping others break free of ‘niceness’, so they can step into their own authority, live according to their own rules and fully share their talents with the world. 

In this embodied, shift-invoking session, Erika gets vulnerable with almost 1000 women who are tired of letting fear keep them from building the life or career they are yearning for. 

This session is for you if you’re someone who…

  • Wants to turn your passion into a career
  • Is a procrastinator or a perfectionist
  • Has huge fears that get in your way
  • Wants to live your life’s purpose but feel stuck 
  • Suffers from imposter syndrome
  • Struggles with low self-confidence and unworthiness
  • Never feels like you’re good enough or qualified enough
  • Has just trained in something and unsure how to move forward with it

Erika takes a deep dive into fear around business and taking up space for women, and covers the following and more.

  • How to be prepared and willing to feel afraid
  • Where this fear and desire to make ourselves small comes from 
  • Why being entrepreneurial is difficult when we come from this place
  • How to begin to take the brave path
  • Connecting with the part of yourself that is yearning to grow
  • Connecting with your true purpose
  • Embodied exercises in taking up space and creating a sense of safety within
  • How to start to get comfortable with not knowing the outcome
  • Connecting with our sovereignty, our feminine desire to be in integrity and alignment
  • Her own personal journey and turning point

Some feedback from participants:

‘Amazing and incredibly powerful. I came away with a feeling of calmness and certainty about my professional path and a clear understanding about my limiting beliefs and where they came from.’

‘What a sparkling example of authenticity vulnerability compassion truth and joy. Thank you I resonated deeply with your work Erika, I felt (and still feel) held, supported and inspired.’

Erika Chalkley leads us women so beautifully. Incredible session once again.’

‘What you said resonated with me on a deep level. I never even associated the way I

feel with being a woman.’

‘Absolutely amazing, Erika. I cried several times and took so many notes. You have touched so many women with your gifts!’

If you are looking for an embodied experience of finding your power, this 90 minute session is it. 

Take the first step to living your most authentic life, fully aligned with your true purpose for the benefit of the world.