Purpose Blackbelt course


Get out of your own way, and start truly living your purpose with our online course.

15+ hours



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Purpose Black Belt is your complete guide to discovering or realigning your purpose. It’s designed to remove any internal blocks standing between you and a more purpose-filled, fruitful life. It’s your chance to get clear about what you want to do with your life and get out of your way so you can live the life you *really* want.

By combining deep inner embodiment with practical tools and strategies, we’ll reveal sure-fire ways to live a more prosperous, fuller life by serving others.

Created in true Walsh style, this course is supportive and full of practical, experience-based advice to help you make a healthier, more lucrative contribution to the world.

We’ll work with the body to find a way to share your work in an authentic way that helps you attract the right people to your circle.

  • Build a deeper, clearer connection to your purpose
  • Overcome self-doubt and befriend your inner critic
  • Remove fears and blocks holding you back