Embodied Breathwork 1-day event


Learn to navigate life’s difficulties with all the recordings from our one-day Embodied Breathwork online event.



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Video recording of online workshop

These are all the recordings from the one-day Embodied Breathwork online event. 12 internationally-renowned breathwork and embodiment experts lead sessions on harnessing the breath as a way to navigate difficulties, reduce stress and anxiety, and energise yourself to make a positive difference in the world. Various breathwork modalities are represented, with practical techniques, science and application in traumatic environments.

Sessions include:

● Dan Brulé on mastering breathwork to transform the body and transcend the ego
● Anodea Judith, PhD, on breath, charge and the energy body
● Anthony Abbagnano on breathing to feel and feeling to heal
● Dr Judith Kravitz on using our breath to integrate on all levels
● Simon Borg-Olivier on using breath for energy, mental clarity and internal wellbeing
● Kathleen Booker on how the breath is your key to peace and health
● Dr Ela Manga on the neurobiology of change
● Giten Tonkov giving a taste of Biodynamic Breathwork
● Alicja Heyda, PhD, on how to survive and thrive in a crisis
● Tim van der Vliet on boosting your immune system through breathing techniques