Embodied Coaching course


Are you a coach looking to work more with the body? Save yourself years of trial and error with this video course.

18+ hours



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Embodied coaching works through gentle non-athletic movement, posture, awareness, and breathing. Through coaching with the body, more significant change is possible, it’s faster, and it sticks.

Many coaches hesitate to work with embodiment. They worry it will bring up trauma, that their mainstream coaching clients will react badly, or they’re unsure how to apply theory to practice. 

As a coach trying to work more with the body, you don’t need more theory and waffle. Your clients don’t need detailed explanations of neuroscience or philosophy. They need fast change that lasts. As a coach, you need concrete, quick-win tools you can use today to help them get to where they want to be.

During this course, you’ll witness real coaching with real clients, explained one step at a time. Understand what works in practice, take away techniques you can apply immediately, and help your clients achieve meaningful and lasting change.