Yoga for your life mini-course


Make yoga more impactful for what you most care about with our 14 recorded videos on Embodied Yoga Principles.

~12 hours



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Video recordings

This down-to-earth course of 14 recorded videos introduces Embodied Yoga Principles, which link postural yoga to what matters most to you. The videos explore how to maximise your practice by making better links between your asanas, work, and relationships. In other words, it’s about getting yoga “off the mat” and making it impactful for what you most care about.


● Understand the rudiments of embodiment
● Manage your stress more efficiently
● Improve your health
● Communicate more truthfully
● Have more impact and influence

The videos

Introductory session (Mark Walsh)
An initial orientation session and introduction to the practice of Embodied Yoga Principles with EYP Founder.

Self-care and kindness in your practice and life (Karin Van Maanen)
Tools to develop compassionate self-awareness and postures to support self-care.

Yoga to start your day (Pilar Corcuera Botana)
Find a comfortable seat for this floor practice to begin moving and explore some of the qualities that would make your day feel like an exciting adventure.

Developing skills for parenting (Jane Dancey)
Postures and practices to support parents/carers and create an enquiry on parenting patterns.

The polarity of masculine & feminine in our practice and life (Joyce Ayers)
Hatha class with a flow of some poses partway through and embodied inquiries integrated.

Embodied sexuality (Jamie Abrams)
Discover how you show up sexually for yourself and your partner by playing with embodying yourself sexually through simple EYP practices and awareness.

Self-coaching for life-flow with EYP (Antonina Osipova)
Setting goals and moving towards self-love and loving relationships.

Hatha Yoga flow with embodied inquiries (Vidyadasa)
A Hatha class integrating Embodied Yoga Principles enquiries within regular Hatha postures and EYP poses.

Inner and outer worlds – yoga & meditation – micro and macro postures (Vidyadasa)
Create different qualities within a meditative sitting EYP practice and move in and out of meditation.

Panel call (Mark Walsh & Vidyadasa and other teachers)
Including questions and answers about EYP.

Opening to sensuality – finding more pleasure in life (Patricia Aguirre)
How and when can we be more open to more enjoyment and pleasure in life. Exploring the subject of openness and being open.

Embodied restoration (Hannah Bose)
Embodied Restoration. Bringing a sense of rest and ease into the busyness of life.

Embracing challenges (Dana Levy)
Learn how a conscious body-based practice like EYP can help you leap in an unfamiliar yet desired direction.

Bonus recorded call – Vinyasa based class (Mayan Patel)