Take heroic control of your life – workshop


An action-packed 90-minute recording of our powerful webinar for overcoming any challenge life throws at you.



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Learn practical skills that provide real-life benefits. The body is where it all begins.

During these heroic, action-packed 90 minutes, we’ll be visiting various topics that can cause us discomfort or hold us back in life and explore ways to overcome these challenges through the body.

This session is for you if you’re someone who wants to…

  • Create some shifts in one or more areas in your life
  • Be better connected to yourself and the world around you
  • Get a better night’s sleep
  • Feel more deeply and fully alive in your own skin more of the time
  • Have a choice in how you are more of the time
  • ‘Human’ a bit better

7 life challenges turned into 7 superpowers

Discover powerful embodiment tools for all of the below 

1) Stress 

It’s the ‘other’ global pandemic and increasingly being recognised as a root cause of many modern diseases. The resilience we need to manage stress in our lives can be built and strengthened through various embodied practices.

2) Sleep 

Nature’s most overlooked and underused magic potion. Many of us struggle to find the time for enough of it, and when we do, our busy minds get in the way. If we DO get enough time in bed, the quality of our sleep might not be enough to fully restore us. Embodiment can help.

3) Intimacy 

The ability to be comfortably close with others, with ourselves, our partners, our children. Without awkwardness or second-guessing ourselves. It’s possible. We promise. 

4) Leadership

Discernment, empathy and self-awareness are some of the most underrepresented qualities in leadership today. But without them, you’ll likely struggle to be influential at all. Embodying these qualities (even when they don’t come naturally) is entirely achievable. 

5) Parenting 

Moving from reactiveness to responsiveness in parenting is itself a superpower. As is shifting from overwhelm and shame into joy, intimacy and pleasure. Our superheroes have some practical (yet formidable) techniques to bring them into your body.

6) Boundaries 

Our boundaries keep us safe and let other people know what sort of behaviour we will tolerate and what we won’t. It doesn’t mean we need to build walls around ourselves, but having clear boundaries is a very healthy part of self-preservation and safeguarding our self-worth.

7) Trauma

Trauma results from a stressful event or series of events that exceed an individual’s ability to cope. Entirely more prevalent than previously believed, trauma even moves between generations and is held in communities. Trauma lives in the body, so that’s exactly where we work with it.

Meet some of our Avengers

Erika Chalkley
Embodiment Educator, Somatic Coach & Meditation Teacher

Melissa Gutierrez
Body Witch and Yoga Teacher

Matt Hill
Systema Martial Arts, Breathing and Movement professional and author

Kathleen Booker
Inspirational Breathwork Coach supporting those needing growth, healing and focused goal creation.

Mark Walsh
Founder, The Embodiment Conference, The Embodied Facilitator Course, Embodied Yoga Principles and Embodiment Unlimited

Laura Ward
Laban Movement Analyst and Somatic Movement Educato

Miles Kessler
Meditation, Aikido, and Integral Practice teacher, Founder of Integral Dojo

Alicja Heyda
Psychotherapist, psychologist, psycho-oncologist, breathwork practitioner, and researcher

Daniela Welzel
MBCT trainer, martial arts specialist, embodied self-defence teacher

Unlock your embodied superpowers today

  • 90 action-packed minutes
  • 8 Embodiment superheroes
  • 7 fundamental topics