Foundations of Embodied Meditation


Learn the foundations of Embodied Meditation through your own practice.





As you probably know, the body is a huge part of meditation. And using embodied techniques can help add depth to almost any practice.

On this course, you’ll learn and practice Embodied Meditation techniques to benefit all aspects of your life – from your relationships to work, focus and purpose, to the way you deal with difficult situations.

You can expect to come away with…

  • A fresh new approach to meditation
  • An understanding of embodied meditation, and how it differs from traditional approaches
  • Practical techniques to deepen personal practice
  • Ways to integrate body awareness into your life
  • Deep, personal insights

Course sessions are from Karin van Maanen and Daniela Welzel, whilst there are also bonus recordings from Martin Aylward, David Treleaven, Miles Kessler and more…