The Depth Psychology of Asana


Make your practice more meaningful by taking yoga off the mat and into your life.



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This book is a masterclass in making your practice more meaningful by taking yoga off the mat and into your life. In addition to explaining the Embodied Yoga Principles method in detail, the ebook offers guidance on enriching asana ethics, community, learning theory, and more.


● Understand the principles that underlie effective learning transfer from the yoga mat to the rest of your life
● Learn the “how” of making asanas a much deeper and more helpful practice. The nuts and bolts of an innovative, western yet profound approach to yoga
● Get pragmatic techniques for enhancing the impact of your practice on what you care about
● Experience dozens of life-integration exercises you won’t find elsewhere
● Come away with simple teaching tools you can use to help your students enrich their yoga

About the author

Mark Walsh has dedicated his life to embodied learning. He founded the Embodied Facilitator Course (the UK and Russia), Embodied Yoga Principles, The Embodiment Conference, and Europe’s first embodied business training company – Integration Training.

He has a degree in psychology, an aikido black belt, and has trained with various body-mind masters and in many approaches, including body psychotherapy, yoga, dance, bodywork and meditation. He has taught in 30 countries and made embodiment available online through a YouTube channel with over 14 million hits and on The Embodiment Podcast. Past clients have included Unilever, L’Oreal, Virgin Atlantic, Shell, Oxfam, The NHS, Ikea and The House of Lords. He has also worked with peace and trauma projects in Israel/Palestine, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Brazil, East Africa, and the Sierra Leonian Army.