Everyday Embodiment: a course to build real-world skills


Tools for the Real World

A practical video course you can do in your own time at home.

~5 hours



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This course is for people interested in embodiment and who want something practical to deal with the madness of life. You’ve read some books, tried a mindfulness app, sometimes gone to a yoga class, but want something a bit more substantial that will impact what you care most about day-to-day.

  • Everyday Embodiment is a series of high-quality videos that cover:
  • What the hell embodiment is anyway?!
  • The best “quick-win” techniques for daily life
  • Tips for all your meaningful relationships
  • Tools for every room of your house
  • Practices for dealing with stress, arguments, pain, romance, parenting, health, anxiety, confidence, focus, money issues, shame, anger, and trauma

It’s over 5 hours of content, in bite-sized videos (most about 10 minutes long each), that you can view on your phone, tablet or laptop. You can work through them in your own time, at your own pace, whenever you like.