Purpose Summit

Find direction and connect to your life purpose.

A FREE 2-day journey to discover, deepen or realign with your purpose.

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Timetable and session descriptions below.

Friday 26th February

Day 1: What’s my purpose now? With Mark Walsh and guests

10.30am, Steve New – Welcome: an overview of day one

11am, John Williams – F**k work let’s play: how to do what you love and get paid for it

1pm, Mark Walsh + special guest Erika Chalkley – 10 methods to better tune into your purpose

3pm, Mark Walsh + special guest Karin van Maanen – Whats my purpose NOW? Reflecting on purpose during pandemic times

5pm, Mark Walsh + special guest Daniela Welzel – How COVID has disrupted your psyche and your marketplace and what that means for your life purpose?

7pm, Mark Walsh + special guest Karin van Maanen – What I want to do before I die? Group death meditation. (Please note: potentially triggering)

9pm, Mark Walsh + special guest Karin van Maanen – Group reflection with questions gathered from the worlds best purpose coaches

11pm, Mark Walsh + special guest Erika Chalkley – Why aren’t I doing my thing? Overcoming blocks to following your life’s purpose

Saturday 27th February

Day 2: Inspiration and Advice. From the greatest minds in the field.

9.30am, Steve New & Virginia Moutlia – Welcome: an overview of day two

10am, Shaun Nannup – Purpose & Connection. Through story and connection exercises, you will connect to your origin, leading you to approach your true self and purpose.

11am, Wendy May – Regenerative Purpose. Learning the four core qualities that allow purpose to flow freely and how to practice purpose, instead of trying to pursue it.

12pm, Erika Chalkley – How to not live your purpose. A good girl’s guide to living someone else’s life.

1pm, Ronhild de Brito – When What I Do is Who I Am. How to live from a full heart.

2pm, Ilan Stephani – Trauma, Purpose and the End of Smalltalk. Trauma hits all of us. Can our wounds fuel our purpose and meaningful life? A paradigm shifting exploration.

3pm, Dylan Newcomb – Move into Purposeful Action. Replace the often paralyzing trap of taking a top-down, mind-over-body approach to clarifying & embodying your purpose with a more organic & empowering bottom-up, body-supporting-mind approach

4pm, panel discussion – Purpose during challenging times. Speakers + special guests Philip Shepherd, Ya’Acov Darling Khan and George Kao

5pm, Kathleen Booker – Breathe: How to Show up When Empty. When you’re feeling depleted emotionally, physically & mentally, and you have a full calendar of clients, what do you do? Breathe.

6pm, Ashanti Branch: Unmask Yourself, Unmask Your Purpose. You will leave this session with a simple, straightforward tool to help start courageous conversations about the social-emotional well-being of your community.

7pm, Jamie Catto: Everything I Wish I Knew Thirty Years Ago. Maybe you will too.

8pm, Rod Stryker – The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom. In this talk, Rod will outline the most practical and powerful approach to embodying the highest principles of yoga without ever doing a yoga pose.

9pm, Mark Walsh, Erika Chalkley and Paul Linden – Mentorship and Purpose.

10pm, Mark Walsh – bonus Q&A.

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