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The Embodiment Studio

Your embodiment practice all in one, online space

If you’re…

New to embodiment

An aspiring coach

A coach, yogi or meditator

A movement teacher

An embodiment enthusiast of any kind

You’ll find a range of online embodiment classes to choose from each week

Sessions include topics like

Subject to availability
Perfectly imperfect - with Daniela

A weekly embodiment practice for control enthusiasts and recovering perfectionists.

Play for creativity - with Christina

Take yourself less seriously. Explore play and creativity as essentials for an embodied life. Unleash the FUN!

Female sexuality - with Virginia

Sexy. Embodied. Woman. For vitality, health and joy in life and work.

Embodiment for men - with Lee, Elie, David & Richard

How to Integrate the power of embodiment in your daily experience of being a man.

Embodied Meditation - with Karin

Increase embodied self-awareness and incorporate embodied mindfulness into your daily life.

Coaching archetypes - with David & Thea

Sovereign Leadership: self-creation through embodying archetypes for coaches.

Embodied Toolkit - with Vidyadasa

Embodied tools for everyday life and facilitation

Make different mistakes - with Steve

Break habits and get unstuck from repeating unwanted behaviours

Embodied marketing and self-connection - with Antonina

How to authentically sell your work

Building resilience - with Karin

Movement & meditation to build resilience during tough times

Tai chi & Qigong - with Virginia
Beginners-friendly Tai chi & Qigong class
Embodied anatomy - with Florian

An exploration of the entirety of your anatomy.

Dealing with difficult clients - with Lisa

A healthy, sustainable approach to being of service

Embodying leadership - with Flouer, Kimberley & Casey

Tune into yourself and your clients to build dynamic presence and enhance results

Embodied leadership - with Allie & Edi

Integrate Life Force Yoga and Social Presencing Theater for creative embodied leadership

Embodied magic - with Melissa

Mini-coaching, ritual and somatic work to reconnect with your body’s wisdom

Micro-movement - with Laura

Micro movement - Macro shift. A gateway to the next level of embodied wisdom

Feminine empowerment - with Patricia

Embodiment and the adventure of authentic empowerment

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