Embodied Parenting 1-day event


12 hours of training from 14 different sessions with parenting experts to help you to reduce family stress.



Video recordings of one-day event

These recordings cover twelve hours of training from 14 different sessions with parenting experts. They will help you reduce family stress, increase harmony and connection, and help your children grow, love, and thrive in their relationships and communities. Learn new ways of connecting with yourself and your children so that you can navigate even the most challenging situations with greater insight, choice and ease.


● Shift from reactive to aware parenting
● Reduce exhaustion, overwhelm and shame
● Receive nourishment, care and compassion for yourself
● Gain insights into your own and your child’s behaviours
● Transform your responses to challenging behaviour
● Cultivate regulation and resilience in difficult times
● Rediscover joy, pleasure and intimacy after birth and beyond
● Avoid repeating the patterns of your parents


● Patty Wipfler
● Ted Braude
● Afshan Tafler
● Kirstie Seaborne
● Miles Kessler
● Jane Dancey
● Roma Norriss
● Manal Aldabbagh