Embodying Resilience 1-day event recording


Gain a comprehensive overview of resilience with practical and immediately implementable tools and techniques.



Video recording of online workshop

Resilience is a vital capacity that enables us to manage our stress, perform at our best under pressure, and create solutions when faced with difficulties or potentially traumatic events. This is over twenty hours of content from the one-day Embodying Resilience online event. Nearly forty internationally-renowned embodiment experts provide a comprehensive overview of resilience with practical and immediately-implementable tools and techniques.

Sessions include:

● Yoga – Simon Borg-Olivier; Tara Judelle; Jamie Abrams; Mayan Patel and Vidyadasa
● Dance – Daria Halprin; Adam Barley; Ya’Acov Darling Khan
● Somatics and movement – Martha Eddy and Emory M. Moore Jr.; Matt Hill
● Breathwork – Christopher Gladwell; Kai Ehrhardt
● Intimacy – Michaela Boehm; Ilan Stephani
● Leadership and inquiry – Mark Walsh; Dylan Newcomb; Miles Kessler
● Trauma with Magdalena Weinstein, Paul Linden, Steven Hoskinson and Ilan Stephani
● Nature Connection with Philip Shepherd and Dr Adrian Harris
● Creativity with Jamie Catto, Brooke McNamara, Dave Rock and Rachel Blackman
● Intimacy with John Thompson, Ilan Stephani and Christina Dohr
● Social Change with Lori Saltzman, David Weinstock, Rae Johnson, Julie Esse and Melissa Gutierrez
● Centring with Mark Walsh, Matt Hill and Paul Linden
● Outdoor Practices with Rafe Kelley and Mark Walsh
● Relationships with Adam Wilder, Ilan Stephani and Roma Norriss