Embodied Reconnection Week Recording


Get the complete recordings of our 7-day live event for practical embodied learning.
Learn powerful self-care techniques and simple tools for supporting others during stress.

5+ hours



Human interaction is essential for our wellbeing and people more in touch with our sense of being. The first part of Embodied Reconnection Week is about coming home to yourself. It’s about self-care, being human and feeling well so you can connect with others.

For facilitators, coaches, parents and educators of all kinds, the second part of the week is about supporting others. Under current conditions, embodiment is beneficial for many people.

During these recordings, you’ll learn some simple yet effective tools to confidently ease any stress or discomfort your clients, children, and friends are feeling right now. We’ll also delve into some self-care practices for dealing with burnt-out people and how well-being and trauma issues impact those around us.