Embodied Toolkit: Coaching Demo Pack


14 sessions of online, on-the-spot embodiment coaching. Recordings of our transformative live coaching event – for coaches who want to be inspired and non-coaches who need some guidance.

10+ hours



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We believe our embodiment coaching is so powerful that we were confident enough to run these 2-day sessions in front of a live audience without zero prep.

Whatever came up on the days, our coaches coached on the spot.

Using specific embodiment tools, they got straight to the core with people. Through a screen. In 10 minutes or less.

Now you have the chance to watch our masters at work – using our style of embodiment coaching to address aspects of trauma, marketing, leadership, intimacy and more.

You might even witness people who have similar challenges to yourself, or if you’re a coach, to your clients.

There’s something for everyone, especially if you want to do any of the following…

  • Watch real-life coaching
  • Learn simple yet highly effective embodiment tools
  • Create shifts and insights in real-time
  • Market yourself and your business authentically
  • Be a better, more confident leader
  • Experience intimacy without fear
  • Explore trauma from a safe place

Day 1 recording sessions

  • How to market authentically
  • How to be a better leader than Mark (with Mark)
  • Intimacy without fear
  • What trauma-informed coaching looks like
  • Innere stärke in einer herausfordernden zeit (coaching in German)
  • Feeling safe in relationships
  • How to market from the heart
  • Leadership for legends
  • You are not your past (a trauma-aware approach to coaching)

Free Coaching Day 2

  • How to use embodied coaching for anything that comes up (Session 1)
  • Is coaching in person different? (Session 1)
  • How to use embodied coaching for anything that comes up (Session 2)
  • Managing conflict in relationships
  • Is coaching in person different? (Session 2)