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Embodied peacebuilding, trauma and resilience – with Mark & Paul

A message from Mark…

As many of you know, my wife is Ukrainian and many of my closest friends and colleagues are Russian (having worked there 25+ times). So, naturally it is distressing to see the escalation of recent events.

Like many I often feel powerless or angry when faced with such madness, but have learnt it is best to turn towards positive things. When you can’t do much, do something I say. 

With this in mind I’m happy to say we’re now offering Paul Linden’s e-book, Embodied Peacemaking, here free.

You can see a recording of the session I did yesterday with Paul here. Today I will be sharing some embodied peace-building techniques, with both Russian and Ukrainian translation (but open to all).

All the best,

And with extra love for everyone on tense ground in Ukraine,