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Replays: Sane Ukraine 🇺🇦

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These daily resilience and trauma sessions on The Embodiment Studio are for Ukrainians (in any country), with Ukrainian translation, or people directly working with Ukrainians on a regular basis.

Everyone else: we still love you, do come to the other studio classes (and please share with anyone you know who would benefit from these)!

A message from Mark…

Ukraine. What to do eh? As many of you know, I not only married a Ukrainian, but have many colleagues, friends and students in the country from my years of work there (I met Daria doing trauma work there eight years ago).  

Like many of us I was feeling not just angry, but powerless – until a few days ago. Then I made the decision to do something and not nothing. While I can’t do everything I would like, I decided not to “go gently into the numb night”. The community quickly joined in, and we are now leading several positive ventures to help Ukraine. 

I will be heading to Lviv, Ukraine, via Krakow, to train 20 local Ukrainians in trauma education and psychological resilience, alongside local trainers I know. We will also be delivering much-needed medical supplies requested by locals.

Don’t just change your FB picture to include a flag, and don’t despair. Donate to the project and, if you really can’t, share the hell out of it! Tell friends in the media, pass it onto rich friends, give money, and send hugs too if you like.