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The course work of each week (starting on Fridays) is essential core content, and either reinforces key ideas from live sessions (happening on Tuesdays), or in addition to it. Therefore we ask you to dedicate time to go through the core videos, read the additional resources etc. and add some bonuses if inspired to. While capacities differ, the idea is not to do the minimum to certify jumping through hoops, but to fall in love with embodiment. To become an enthusiast who will naturally and pleasurably learn loads πŸ™‚

If the content is not marked as a bonus, we take it as a given that you completed it within the same week, as we are going to build up on the knowledge you gained here. CEC is sequential and with that building up on what you learned during FEC.

Your core personal practices are the most vital practical part of the course. What you did during FEC is now split up into core and bonus practises – remember everything you do for yourself with these practises will greatly support your embodiment and hence the effectiveness when working with others.

To build your embodiment range you pick up a dedicated Core Embodiment Practice that you do for minimum 1h per week throughout the rest of CEC. The practice experiments from the 1st semester can help you decide on the practice you want to pick up. Be intentional and choose the practice based on what quality you want to develop within yourself.

The Practice Journal (pdf or use as template for your handwritten notes) is the place for you to reflect on your theoretical and practical learnings, like during the 1st semester. There you can ponder about your Embodiment Coach Identity, note your insights and questions around coaching, reflect on your learnings from the course/ Core Embodiment Practice/ peer practise group and volunteer coaching.

The Practice Journal is yours to keep, and we will only ask you for a summary to be handed in for each week via the survey on the portal. This can be done on a weekly basis (mark the lesson as complete so you know you handed in already) or whenever you feel like it – as long as we get a summary of all weeks by the end of each semester (dates will be indicated along the way). These hand-ins are important for your certification for us to track your learning process. The hand-in deadline for the weeks 10-17 is Friday, 2nd of June, 9AM UK time.

Core materials:

πŸ“–Please read the 3rd chapter of Marks 2nd book ‘The Body in Coaching and Training’ πŸ“–

Basic Tools of Awareness Pointing Technique

Awareness & Choice Tool

EMBODIMENT FESTIVAL – 3rd most effective coaching tool (watch one of them)

Bonus material:

In case the player is not working, here is the link: https://embodimentunlimited.com/232-instant-effortless-mindfulness-with-loch-kelly/

Example lists of feelings and needs