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8.30pm UK: Deep Somatic Exploration – with Laura

Micro movement – Macro shift. A gateway to the next level of embodied wisdom

A deep dive into internal sensations through micromovement and breath work.

Come join us to hydrate your fascia, stimulate lymphatics, break apart old holding patterns and find out what the score is in your body so you can set it free.

In this class we’ll be delving into the unknown, uncovering (and releasing) old, stuck patterning, finding creativity through novel movement, and practising focus through open awareness. 

Can you easily tune into your awareness? 

What tensions are you holding that you aren’t even aware of?

This session will offer you an easy pathway to deeper connection with your big “S” Self. 

We will use micromovement and inquiry practice to tune into our depths, trawling for the wisdom that lies under the surface of our skin. 

Micromovement is a fluid awareness practice geared toward finding ease and expression, releasing blockages, connecting to inner truth, healing, finding joy, moving and feeling better, relating more skilfully, and helping you show up more fully in your own life.

Your teacher

Laura is a dancer, choreographer, registered somatic movement educator/therapist,  Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst, and practising Embodiment Witch.  

She is the artistic director of Laura Ward/Octavia Cup Dance Theatre (founded 1998), and has taught movement in venues from elementary schools to corporations. 

Laura holds a BA from SUNY Empire State in Dance, Theatre, and Movement Studies.

She’s trained in Connective Tissue Therapy (Bindegewebsmassage) and completed Gyrokinesis teacher training. 

Laura’s teaching experience includes Wagner College, Gina Gibney, Dance New Amsterdam, Equinox, Dutchess Community College, Manhattan School of Music, and Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies.

She loves diving into, and helping others tap into creativity, play,inquiry and the general wonders of existing in a human body.