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7am* UK: Embodiment For Men – with Lee, Elie & David

* for confidentiality reasons, these sessions will not be recorded *

How to integrate the power of embodiment in your daily experience of being a man

If you’re a man interested in using the power of your body in daily life, this group may be for you.

We’ll explore teachings from yoga, mythology, science, the martial arts and indigenous peoples in this year-long invitation to action.

In these one-hour sessions, we’ll be stepping into boundaries, relationships, health and purpose. 

There will be invitations to movement and to stillness, tools to take away and homework if you choose it.

Your teachers

Lee Stagles is a firestarter, storyteller and hammock swinger. He is an embodiment coach, menswork leader and trainer who helps men achieve their goals, overcome obstacles and make positive changes in their lives. 

Before starting to support men, Lee worked for 20 years in the tyre industry. After a successful career as a tyre centre manager then self employed mobile fitter, Lee went to work for a local authority helping police, social services and members of the public from within the domestic abuse team. Lockdown saw a change of direction again and Lee is now hosting and facilitating online Menswork training and groups, storytelling and offering one to one sessions (in person and via Zoom).

Lee enjoys being outdoors, fire, slingshot practice and spending time with his grand children.

My name is Elie Khoury, and I’d like to tell you my story.

I had to deal with chronic distress, a sense of insecurity, and weakness when I was born right after an explosion during the Lebanese civil war.

With no one empowering me to rediscover my authentic self, I spent most of my time looking for heroes, gurus, information, credentials, while proving and pushing myself in order to fit in and feel powerful. 

Today, after practicing and being certified in leadership embodiment, I realize that my authentic self comes from within me, and I live from a place of inner power, love, and wisdom.

I am now committed to helping entrepreneurs and change-makers, be resilient and empowered in managing the stress that comes with their challenging journey, as well as leading from within through movement therapy, body-mind coaching, and executive leadership coaching

David is a life coach and trainer. He is a long term meditator with 30 years experience as a martial arts practitioner and teacher. Co-founder of The Sovereign Leadership Coaching Programme.