Entrance survey

Thank you for joining the Embodiment University.

This survey will help us to support you best on our Embodiment journey through the different courses. It will also allow us to sign you up to the courses you wish to join each semester (but of course you can always change your mind if needed).

Entrance survey
How long are you signed up for the Embodiment University?
Did you already complete the Certification of Embodiment Coaching (CEC) in 2021?

You can do courses with the full certification, in which case we will track your course work and assignments. You can also do them lightly (without certification in the end), which means we won’t track your homework. We highly recommend to focus on one course at a time only, except you are able to study full time.

Which courses would you like to start with in the first part of 2022?

Certification of Embodiment Coaching (starting 14th February)
Meditation Teacher Training (starting 25th January)
Trauma Coaching Course (ONLY FOR CEC GRADUATES – starting 2nd February)

What courses would you like to do in your second part of 2022?

Ethical Marketing (starting 5th October)
Courage to Lead (starting May 12th or November)
Embodied Toolkit (starting 7th September)

Optional longterm peer groups

Would you like to attend an optional long term peer group (course specific peer groups are arranged within the courses itself)?
If you want to join a long term peer group, please let us know in which time zone (approximately) you are located.