Certificate of Embodied Meditation 2023 – Part 1 (FEM)

Learn the foundations of Embodied Meditation through your own practice.

Learn specific tools and techniques to establish your own Embodied Meditation practice.

14 March – 16 May 2023

LIVE WEBINARS (1 hour) every Tuesday at 7pm UK time and Wednesday 9am UK time.

Click on the button below for the Zoom link to the weekly core content webinars (same link for Tuesdays and Wednesdays:)

Access the bonus sessions for Foundations of Embodied Meditation (FEM) under the link below (same link for any day or time of the bonus webinar throughout FEM)

Foundations of Embodied Meditation (FEM) is the first semester of the teacher training Certificate of Embodied Meditation. During FEM you will be introduced and invited to put into practice the principles, tools and techniques of Embodied Meditation.

Your personal practice will inform the work in Semester 2, when you will learn and practice bringing Embodied Meditation to others confidently and safely.

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Course Includes

  • 30 Lessons